Strawless on Sanibel (SOS)

Strawless on Sanibel is a conservation initiative of Coastal Keepers to reduce plastic straws on our islands, and thus in our oceans.

Why skip the straw?
Each day, over 500 million plastic straws are used in the United States making them one of the most common trash items collected on beaches worldwide. 

Unfortunately, plastic never fully biodegrades and remains in the environment long after we have used it. As plastic floats in our oceans it poses a threat to marine life as animals often mistake it for food and suffer negative side effects and as it becomes smaller and smaller, it enters the food web. Making the switch to help is easy – Go strawless or use alternative options such as compostable or reusable straws.

Want to get involved?
As an individual or business owner, there are plenty of options to support this initiative and help keep our islands clean. How can this be done?

Use alternative options. 
Go strawless. Stop using plastic straws completely, order drinks without a straw.
Spread knowledge. Educate family, friends, and businesses about the joys of going strawless.

Straws by request only. Only offer a straw if a customer asks for one. 
Provide alternative options. Straws made of compostable material are a great substitute.
Go strawless. No longer provide straws.
Educate and Market. Tell your customers you are running your business in an ocean-friendly way.

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